DSF Prepares Salmon Fry Hatchery in East Machias

This winter land locked salmon will be raised in a trial run of the hatchery to ensure the proper operation of the hatchery before raising endangered East Machias River salmon winter 09-10.

The fry hatchery will be the first piece of a larger state of the art fresh water aquatic research center, conservation hatchery, and community fisheries center. The 7,262 sq ft facility will include a fresh water flow through research and fisheries enhancement hatchery, a museum and visitors center, an archival storage room, a wet laboratory/ classroom, a certified water quality laboratory, a GIS and technical resources center, and office space for staff and visiting researchers.

The operation of the hatchery will supervised by DSF staffed but run on a daily basis by community volunteers and students from WA and UMM. Any one interested in volunteering in helping to set up the hatchery or assist in hatchery operations over the winter should contact the DSF at 483-4336 or info@mainesalmonrivers.org

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