Brookfield Energy Corp. of Toronto / Bermuda plays dirty with Maine’s Fisheries, the Union River and Graham Lake.

Public process underway to accept input on a new 30 year hydro license for these outdated dams. 

Ellsworth City Hall, Thursday, September 3rd, 9 – Noon 

Federal Energy Regulation Commission hearing

“when the river runs brown and the fish are chopped to pieces by Brookfield’s dams – they make  money — and when Graham Lake is nearly dry, Brookfield’s account is afloat”

The foreign owner of these dams has had their turn to profit, now it is time that the fisheries resources of eastern Maine are managed sustainably to benefit everyone.  Constructing fishways in these dams will result in more alewives, more eels, salmon, shad, smelt and other important fish – and more stable lake levels at Graham Lake.

The discovery of extensive fish kills last October below the Brookfield Hydropower Station, just upstream and out of sight from the Rt. 1 bridge in Ellsworth, is now being swept under the rug.

union dam drawingBrookfield is refusing to build modern fishways and prevent ongoing fish kills.

This dam was built in 1907 and it is now time to consider the future of our fisheries – not simply the short term profits of a foreign company.  Please come to this hearing and learn how we can assure that public water and fisheries resources are well managed to benefit Ellsworth and the residents of surrounding area.

Dead eels and young alewives are being found below the Ellsworth Dam killed by the turbines.

dead eel

For more information about this hearing, or to learn more about the Downeast Salmon Federation and how you can contribute, please contact us!

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