Land Trust

DSC06161Downeast Salmon Federation has a holistic perspective on Atlantic salmon recovery. We know recovery will not happen without long-term protection and meaningful enhancement of salmon habitat. Our community must also be engaged in recovery on the same timescale. In 2000 as a response to both need and opportunity, we began conserving land as a vehicle to protect salmon habitat. Of highest priority for us are spawning and rearing habitat, holding and historic fishing pools, cold water resources, and properties where there is an opportunity to improve fish passage. We also work to protect small craft access sites, portage trails, rainbow smelt brooks, falls, and swimming holes. Some properties are owned outright by the trust, and in other cases we hold conservation easements. In deference to the perception that conservation removes land from “the tax-base,” we respect local regulations. We raise stewardship funds to support our projects in perpetuity.

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Wigwams Trail